Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kill the Dragon....

Why is it so hard to move up and better yourself?
Why is it that when you decide to do something that makes you better, other people are always right there to cut you down. Hardly anybody around to encourage and uplift you; to come along side and grab your shoulder to say, Im here if you need ANYTHING! and actually mean it. Everybody is very quick to tell you why you can't, instead of being the "friend" that they call themselves and being everything that the job title entails? So many times we look on the person we are, and compare him/her to the person we envisioned we would be at this point in our lives when we used to dream... We continue to disappoint ourselves because we convince our psyche that we will always disappoint. I say we break the mold, and kill the Dragon named Disappointment, in our lives and forget what the world says we should be. We should just be who we are, and the best one we can be, at that. A foot print is there to show where it is we came from, not to lead us back to it. When you feel discouraged, look behind, see how far you have come and realize why you left in the first place. Our lives are our own. The decisions we make depict who we have become and where we wish to be. Live, because we only get one shot on earth. Don't regret, because life rarely gives a second chance. Remember, because if we forget, the journey wasn't worth it.
Here's one of my older pieces. Hope you enjoy it. Do not maintain. Excel.


When did it become normal for a brother to kill another?
When did we begin to accept givin our hearts to one and our bodies to another?
When did it become acceptable, no, delectable to be unfaithful and appear shameless-
Then, when the sweet turned to ash, and we're left all alone, we look for whose blame this is...
When did our sisters become shields, and our ladies become targets?
When did life lose its value, to something as trivial as respect?
When did our young bodies become strapless trauma plates
Meant to catch society's spent bullets of distrust and hate?
When did a compliment become an ulterior motive?
And when did love become a four letter word for sex and was impulse and explosive?
When did the results of that "love" start bein "problems" and "dependants"?
And a welfare check rather than what they are.... our children.
I'll tell you when this all started- When these plagues were birthed into vile existence.
It was all when we chose to "Maintain", and decided to fit the stereotype and not be resistant.


Monday, January 4, 2010

A Smile...

In a day, do we even realize how much we DON'T smile?
It is something that I rarely do when surrounded by professional colleagues, or anytime for that matter. Today, I made it a point to bring my ever so fragile, and vulnerable humanity to the surface. I tried ever so much to smile as much as I could throughout my day. So many people, at work today, just looked at me weird; almost as if to say "ok, what's going on? You're smiling. You NEVER smile." It was a pleasant change of pace.

Yes, a very small change to enrich my life in a day to day aspect, but it gave me a change in feeling today. I do feel as if I am better for it. I guess a baby step is still a step, nonetheless.

A smile is only as powerful as the thought behind it. Bring the sunshine into the room with you. Be a change to the Humdrum, droll. Smile a little today. Even a little smile, is a little more than you had before.
Enjoy the piece-

Smile... by Kuresa M. Tupua 1/4/2010

The room lights up, tho dim in the pearl.
The eyes full of life, like a flag wind furled.
Dancing in the whisper, happiness breathes of it.
Sunshine in the vocals, as a laugh escapes with it.
A smile, the song in the mind that has no words.
The lyrics to which have no written chords.
It's as individual as the person that wears it.
Yet, warmer than a winter coat of bear skin.
Nerve calming, dream tempting; all in all, just plain good.
Tension easing, love imparting; and to the broken heart, food.
Don't wonder why you must; instead Wonder why you haven't.
Sunshine is contagious and my friend,Do you have it?

Thanks for reading. Hope it brightened your day. My smile to you.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Elusive Beast...

Have you ever grown tired of what it is that this mundane life is? Have you ever longed for more than just your typical day?
You know what I'm talking about, the routine of dreading from the time you wake up and look at the unhappy person in the bathroom mirror, until the time you see the same person that night in the same mirror after an uneventful, unhappy day. This begins a change in my otherwise "routine" day. I will be logging my day, but more importantly, with this blog I begin the quest to do things that better enrich my life.

To kill the mundane dragon that has yoked my neck since the day I became a "grown up" and became obsessed with paying bills and making money to pay them... This is my quest.

I write poetry, I cook, I workout. I have also been working on a few fiction novels, graphic Novels, and I do some woodburning. Probably the sharpest of the swords in my arsenal is my ability to produce poetry. Poetry that causes thinking minds to ponder, free-lance minds to wander, but all minds to wonder.

I have tried multiple times to publish my poetry, to no avail. I pull them from publishing at the last moment. I, for some reason, do not believe my poetry is good enough for the rest of the world to read. Although, countless friends and family members offer laud and praise for my "pieces", as I call them, I still do not believe it is worthy to be read in the sunlight. Darkness, in between the binding of my notebooks is where, I believe my poetry should stay.

I have come to realize that I will not be 25 forever, and stars will not shine forever. Change never came about in anyone's life without the change in a person's mind. At what point do we realize that the path we chase is not the route we should have taken? For, in life, none can map or plan, and those who do, seldom arrive at the destination that was predetermined, and those who do arrive at their mapped out destination, seldom arrive happy.

I refuse to remain on the destined path I chose for myself. I admit that at this point now, where I stand in my life, I look at the mural that I have painted of my life, and I am NOWHERE near my first intended goal, My dreams dare not even cast a shadow near my reality. My living standard, my profession, my goals and even the people I count dear to my heart have changed. My destiny is no longer predetermined by the circumstances of my life. I will take control of my heart's path, and guide it myself.

The challenge: I will do things that enrich my life, and log those events that enrich my life.

I refuse to get to the end of my days, just to look back on the days I am living now, muttering the two words that haunt my mind forever. "What if?"